Harbour Litigation Funding provides commercial litigation and international arbitration funding. With over £400 million of capital behind us, we are the UK's largest litigation funder and have invested more money, in more cases, than anyone else. We have extensive expertise in international funding as well as the UK and are currently operating in 12 international jurisdictions and 4 arbitral forums. We are experienced, accessible, well-connected and quickly get to the heart of a case.

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Survey shows solicitors fail to act when they go over budget

A survey by Just Costs of over 900 commercial litigation partners at the top 200 law firms finds 73 ...

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Harbour Litigation Funding welcomes the proposal for a new specialist list at the Rolls Building dealing with complex financial markets cases

Susan Dunn, Harbour’s Head of Funding, commented: “Specialisation among the judiciary already wo...

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Costs management, myths and making it work – Legal Business/Harbour Round Table on Litigation Funding

Views on costs management dominated the Legal Business Harbour Round Table discussion where we set a...

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Thank-you for all your hard work in the early stages. Without the funding from Harbour Litigation Funding our claims could never have got off the ground.


Welcome to Harbour Litigation Funding

Harbour provides Litigation Funding to finance part, or all, of the costs of any type of commercial litigation or arbitration.  In return Harbour receives a share of the proceeds of the case but only if  there is a successful outcome.

Harbour Litigation Funding works alongside claimants and lawyers to bring good  cases to a successful conclusion. Claimants can also approach us directly. For some companies Litigation Funding frees up capital for other business purposes. For others, Litigation Funding allows good cases (to be pursued) that would otherwise not be able to proceed due to lack of funds.

Litigation Funding pays for all of the costs charged by your solicitors, barristers or experts to conduct your case.  Harbour Litigation Funding will also cover any adverse (or opponents’) costs and all other costs necessary for the case to be a success.

If Harbour funds your case, you effectively transfer the financial risk of losing to us.  If your case is unsuccessful, you will not have to repay us the money we have invested in your case. We are only paid if the case is successful. For more details, please see Litigation Funding  which includes  case criteria, types of cases and frequently asked questions.

Within our dedicated investment funds we have capital immediately at hand to fund cases through to completion. Our case studies illustrate our financial ability and commitment to seeing claims through to conclusion.

We charge you a percentage of what you recover if you are successful.  We do not have standard charges because each case is different.

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Third Annual Harbour Lecture

Confronting Costs Management. Speakers – Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls, and Lord Justi...

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Litigation Funding Worldwide

For up-to-date information on the funding of litigation and arbitration claims in key jurisdic...

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Download the Harbour Litigation overview brochure


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Litigation Funding Handbook

Leading Role for Harbour in Book on Litigation Funding


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Member of the Association of Litigation Funders

The Association of Litigation Funders of England & Wales (ALF)  is dedicated to promo...

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