Our Funds

Harbour is the sole investment sub-adviser to Harbour Advisers Cayman Ltd. and Harbour Litigation Cayman Ltd. the investment advisers to the Harbour Funds which have over £400m of capital commitments.

This capital is from large institutional investors and others who have undertaken significant due diligence in order to become long-term partners.

Harbour makes recommendations swiftly through the Investment Committees of the investment advisers that meet to consider opportunities twice a month using an established process and applying consistent investment criteria. Investment recommendations are made to the boards of the investment advisers to the Harbour Funds facilitating an investment decision to be made by the General Partner of the relevant Harbour Fund.

Stop Press

Susan Dunn joins a panel of funders to discuss funding and claims aggregation at the ABA's inaugural global antitrust litigation conference on 8 May in Amsterdam. This event brings stellar speakers from leading law firms worldwide and keynote speakers such as Hon. Sir Peter Roth, President of the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal under one roof.