• Litigation & Arbitration Funding

  • Funding with DBAs

  • Portfolio Funding

  • ATE

  • Class Actions

Litigation & Arbitration Funding

Harbour funds up to 100% of the costs to conclude a dispute. If the case is settled/won, and only if monies are collected, Harbour receives its investment return as a pre-agreed share of the proceeds Harbour invests by paying the legal bills for the life of the claim.

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Funding with DBAs

Harbour funds law firms on a full or partial basis when they are instructed on a Damages Based Agreement (DBA).

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Portfolio Funding

Harbour funds a bundle of claims which are either in progress or are about to be initiated.

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Harbour provides unique access to an insurance solution that can indemnify an opponent’s cost award in the event of a loss at trial. This is known as an after-the-event or “ATE” policy.

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Class Actions

Class actions play an important role in society. They offer redress for those who would not, or could not, bring a claim on their own.

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