Indonesian seaweed farmers

Litigation funding can provide access to justice for the economically disadvantaged. This is the case for the AU$ 200 million+ Australian class action funded by Harbour against PTTEP Australasia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd, the oil giant responsible for operating the rig that leaked.


The claim is that one of the country’s worst oil disasters had a devastating impact on the seaweed crops of thousands of Indonesian seaweed farmers, virtually destroying their livelihoods. Many had successfully moved from being subsistence farmers to having enough money to send children to university. On 21 August 2009, the Montara oil rig began uncontrollably spewing oil and gas into the Timor Sea for more than 70 days. An estimated 300,000 litres of oil per day contaminated the sea. In addition, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority sprayed more than 180,000 litres of dispersants into the water.

Harbour’s funding

Without funding, they lack the means to seek justice against the oil company but with our funds, not only are the lawyers paid, but in the event of a loss, claimants will be protected and will not have to pay the other side’s costs.


The case is ongoing.

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