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Harbour View Autumn 2018 – Arbitration – All change, all change

International arbitrations are central to our business and are the theme of this Harbour View. Such an edition would not be complete without reviewing the implications of the Achmea judgment.

Challenges are aplenty. The arbitral world is not immune to demands to use technology. There are calls to open up the process around arbitrator selection and to become more diverse. How can it attract young talent? How to ensure effective enforcement? Will the opening of international commercial courts pose a threat?  What is the impact of time limits in India and can funding become a reality for arbitrations in Brazil?

We address these with contributions from EFILA, Dame Elizabeth Gloster, Stewarts, 39 Essex, Quintel, Freshfields, Norton Rose Fulbright, High Court Bombay, CSI Associados and Seymours.

Enjoy the bumper edition!

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The rise of risk management

Continuous transformation occurs across all industries at a rapid pace. Operating in a challenging and uncertain environment forces companies to adopt new approaches to mitigate risks.

Elliot Berger sets out how disputes impact both business and people and how legal disputes can be managed effectively. He also identifies future trends.

The full article.

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Litigation costs do not need to be a financial burden

The 2017 Winmark Looking Glass Report survey confirmed that ‘cost pressures that require improved efficiency’ is the number one factor that is driving change in the GC role. It is unsurprising therefore, that legal costs remain at the forefront of the General Counsel’s mind.

Susan Dunn explains how third party funding removes the financial burden of litigation costs in an article for Practico’s Costs Briefings.

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Legal developments in Oman

With the increase in the use of third party funding for litigation and arbitration across the world, Curtis’ lawyers reached out to Harbour Litigation Funding for their blog ‘Legal Developments in Oman’.

They spoke to Ruth Stackpool-Moore to gain a better understanding of the workings of third party funding from the perspective of funders.

The full blog.

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TPF, a widely accepted solution for insolvency claims worldwide

Stephen Lai, Managing Director from Conventus Law had an insightful chat with Susan Dunn, Harbour’s co-founder, about how TPF is a widely accepted solution for insolvency claims worldwide, including Asia Pacific.

He was particularly interested in finding an answer to the following:

  • What is the status on third party funding when it comes Asia Pacific?
  • What is the typical case Harbour is interested in funding?
  • Why does Harbour have an interest in backing insolvency claims?
  • What makes Asia interesting for funders?
  • What are some of the reasons why a liquidator may consider funding?
  • And the insolvent claimant?
  • Funders like to back insolvency cases. Why specifically?
  • Are your criteria for insolvency cases different?

Of course, we mustn’t forget that the replies to these questions are relevant to funding insolvency claims the world over.

Click here for the full interviews:

Part 1 – Why funders like insolvency claims.
Part 2 – About liquidators, insolvency claimants and funders’ criteria.

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A funder’s view on follow-on truck cartel claims

CDR Magazine interviewed Susan Dunn for a funder’s view on the potential merits of the trucks cartel claims, including seizing settlement opportunities and what the focus of the claims will be.

The full article.


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