Deidre Walker at Norton Rose on the fight for London’s litigation world title

4 June 2015 – Harbour supports an article published by Deidre Walker of Norton Rose in The Lawyer calling on London’s legal community to ‘champion IT infrastructure and innovation’ if the capital is to maintain its status as the pre-eminent disputes resolution centre.  One of many calls to action is the need ‘to engage with and develop a system that facilitates the funding for disputes by third parties’.

The article also includes;

  • A comprehensive reminder on why commercial clients from around the globe value the soundness, reliability and transparency of the English legal system.
  • Reference to factors under-pinning the continuing prosperity of London as a disputes resolution centre included development of post-Soviet economies and Chinese investment.
  • A warning about the rise of the ‘serious’ competitive threat from dispute resolution centres in the Middle East and South East Asia and the Prime Finance (Panel of Recognised International Market Experts in Finance) supported by the Dutch government.
  • A call for ‘innovation to remain at the heart of our approach’ following on from the £300 million success story of the new Rolls Building with ‘supercourts’ to accommodate big cases.

Susan Dunn, Head of Litigation Funding, said “As we continue to export Harbour’s funding to other jurisdictions we know how highly regarded London’s legal profession is across the world.  Innovation is key to its continued success.  Our business is built on the innovative use of funding to unlock challenging commercial litigation cases, an approach increasingly welcomed by lawyers and claimants in other countries taking their lead from the UK.”

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