Our Investment Criteria

To make sure that the right solution is created Harbour asks a set of consistent questions to establish a fit within the investment criteria of the Harbour Funds.  It is important that operating parameters are transparent and that claimants and their advisers can apply them just as Harbour does:



Does the case have a potential damages or a money outcome of £10m or more?

If Yes...


Is the claim NOT related to personal injury, medical negligence, divorce or defamation?

If Yes...


Is the defendant creditworthy?

i.e. will the defendant be able to pay the damages being claimed and if assets are being relied on to achieve payment, are these locatable?

If Yes...


Are the legal merits good?

i.e. is the case on liability strong, is there a clear basis for the damages being claimed and a realistic assessment on how long the case will take to come to trial or final hearing – preferably all supported by written legal advice

If Yes...


Are the costs realistic?

i.e. we do not require lawyers to work on a conditional fee agreement but we require a detailed assessment of costs including all own-side costs and estimated adverse costs through to final trial or hearing. Realism is vital.

If Yes...


Is the ratio of claim value to costs in the region of 10:1?

i.e. as a guide, we expect a £1m cost case to have a claim value of at least £10m

If Yes...


Is the legal team appropriately experienced in the area of law concerned?

If Yes...


"Yes" to the investment criteria means you should be talking to Harbour. Contact us and find out how Harbour's solutions can help.

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