Helping claimants receive their damages

Harbour provides funding to help claimants ensure they recover their damages from defendants who choose not to pay when a judgment or arbitral award is made against them.

Harbour is committed to supporting claimants throughout the lifetime of their case, and our solutions are available at any stage of legal or arbitral proceedings. As well as providing funding to pursue litigation or arbitration, we also help claimants ensure they receive their court or tribunal-awarded damages. In certain circumstances we may also purchase a claimant’s entitlement to damages for an immediate cash sum.

Harbour always encourages claimants and their legal advisers to give the earliest possible consideration to an enforcement strategy, especially in cases (e.g. fraud) where it is reasonably foreseeable that recovering assets to enforce a judgment may be difficult. Our approach to analysing cases for investment is entirely designed to support successful recovery of damages for claimants.

For more information this report from our event in December 2019 might be of interest: The Enforcement and Asset Recovery Landscape in 2020 – Harbour Litigation Funding

To discuss a specific case contact Maurice MacSweeney or J-P Pitt.

We have an extensive track-record of funding cases in which achieving satisfaction of judgments/awards has been challenging. We use our extensive experience to assist claimants and their lawyers to prepare realistically large budgets for the often extensive work required to enforce.
Our pricing is straightforward and up-front, and in the event of a loss we bear 100% of the cost. Alternative arrangements are also available for claimants or lawyers who seek only partial-funding.
We firmly believe that the claimant and their lawyers should be in complete control of the litigation, nor do we want a financial conflict of interest to arise between us and those we fund. As a result we always outsource investigations to our network of trusted third parties who can provide cost-effective and swift advice.
We ring-fence case budgets meaning even very large sums from our £750m of capital under management are reserved for use solely on your case. Working with our experienced case management team, you can be sure funds will always be available throughout the lifetime of your litigation.