Litigation & Arbitration Funding

Harbour funds up to 100% of the costs to conclude a dispute.

Harbour funds all or part of a claimant’s legal costs incurred through their claim. Typically this includes the claimant’s solicitor’s costs, as well as counsel’s fees, experts and disbursements (including issue fees in litigation and tribunal fees in arbitration).

In the event that the claim succeeds and proceeds are obtained from the defendant, Harbour receives a return of its investment plus a pre-agreed share of the proceeds. Harbour’s entitlement to proceeds is always case specific and will vary according to the perceived risk of the claim, its duration and budget commitment. Neither the claimant nor the law firm need to refund Harbour for its investment made in the case should the case prove to be unsuccessful.

Third party funding offers claimants an opportunity to pursue meritorious claims which they might otherwise not be able to pursue. For corporates and the well-resourced, it is a means by which to hedge risk, free up working capital for other purposes and protect stakeholders.

Willing to pay for the best legal team – Harbour focuses on value and not price.
Straightforward pricing – agreed upfront.
Up to 100% of financial impact from loss is carried by Harbour.
Funding is off balance sheet and without recourse.
Control of the litigation remains with the claimant and their legal team