Portfolio Funding

Harbour funds a bundle of claims which are either in progress or are about to be initiated.

For cases with the same or similar characteristics, Harbour can provide a drawdown facility provided that certain case features are verified against pre-agreed criteria. This option simplifies the signing up of successive cases which fall within a pre-defined type.

Harbour approves an agreed amount of funding which depends on the nature of the cases and the likely size of average budget. The law firm verifies that each case intended to be brought within the facility complies with the pre-agreed funding criteria.

The agreed approval process:

  • reduces the administrative burden for all parties involved
  • achieves a swift case sign-up
  • allows for the inclusion of claims without the need to get each individual case approved by Harbour’s investment committee.
Unlock working capital trapped in work-in-progress
Expand capacity to take on more cases
Enable smaller cases to be funded in a mixed portfolio
Share the risk of adverse outcomes
Add the portfolio management skills of a professional investor