Q & A with… Darrell Porter, Senior Business Development Director

In 2018, the Harbour group grew again with the addition of Harbour Solutions Group (HSG), a business designed to offer our corporate clients the problem-solving skills of a team of commercially experienced risk management experts. Ellora MacPherson speaks with Darrell Porter, Senior Business Development Director at Harbour Solutions Group.

Darrell you joined Harbour in late 2018, can you tell me briefly about your past experience and what you bring to the role?

I have worked in finance for over 25 years, enjoying senior positions at Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank and most recently as a Managing Director within the Risk Solutions Group at Nomura (which was awarded Risk Solutions House of the Year 2018 by Risk Magazine). For much of that time I helped corporate and institutional clients mitigate their exposure to changes in exchange and interest rates, including bespoke deal-contingent hedging solutions for clients engaged in M&A activity. These organisations are now showing interest in using similar strategies to manage their financial exposure to commercial litigation.

Can you explain to readers what Harbour Solutions Group offers and how it fits in with Harbour Litigation Funding?

Certainly. Since its inception in 2007, Harbour has focused on litigation funding, with the vast majority of cases being referred by law firms. Harbour Litigation Funding is expert at understanding and meeting the needs of this important constituency. Harbour Solutions Group was formed last year in recognition of the fact that our corporate clients can have a different set of needs to law firms and consider litigation risk in the context of other solutions with which they are familiar. We adopt a consultative approach knowing that any cases that corporate clients are considering are at a very early stage and require consideration of a range of risk management solutions that can include litigation-related insurance policies as well as funding. Many companies are intrigued to learn about the After-The-Event insurance market, the fact that such insurance can be purchased right up to the start of a trial, and that they may be able to cap damages should they go to trial…

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