Harbour provides solutions that reduce or eliminate the financial risks attaching to commercial litigation and international arbitration.

This means that Harbour operates globally where client need exists, currently in 12 international jurisdictions and 4 arbitral forums.  Harbour’s focus is on getting to the best outcome for each situation faced by a client.

This is why Harbour talks about solutions rather than products:

  • how to pay for litigation? The Harbour Funds provide a financing solution
  • how to ensure that litigation costs are more predictable in the event of an adverse outcome? Harbour provides a hedging solution
  • how to provide protection from opponent cost awards in the event of an adverse outcome? Harbour can access an adverse cost solution (“ATE insurance”)
  • how to ensure that the required reassurance can be given of the ability to meet cost awards? The ATE insurance solution that Harbour can access has been accepted as security for costs

Each of these solutions draws from Harbour’s unrivalled expertise, relationships and trust in its approach.

Stop Press

In a thought-provoking article ‘Arbitration ~ Elastic or Arthritic?’, Peter Rees QC explains how flexibility on document disclosure and use of experts could be game changers if we were to be brave enough.