The Harbour Funds provide litigation funding to finance part, or all, of the costs of commercial litigation or arbitration.   

The Harbour Funds pay the claimant’s legal bills as they fall due including, in arbitrations, the institutional and arbitration panel fees. Neither Harbour nor the Harbour Funds control the way litigation is conducted.

In the event of a win, the Harbour Funds receive a share of the proceeds.  If the claim is unsuccessful the Harbour Funds do not have to be repaid.

Litigation funding is not a loan.

Financing gives claimants the opportunity to pursue meritorious claims that due to affordability constraints they might not otherwise be able to pursue.  Alternatively, it is also a way for corporates to create value from litigation that has merit and commercial purpose but which whilst affordable would not be a cash-flow priority without an investment partner. 

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Lord Clarke delivers the 5th Annual Harbour Lecture on The ‘delights’ of dispute resolution in London: the past, present and future on 21 June.