Third-party funding in Singapore and Hong Kong

17 March 2016

Due to the growing interest in third-party funding and its rapid evolvement, Clyde & Co focused their 6th issue of ‘International Arbitration 1/3LY’ around this very topic. They identified a need for lawyers to understand and inform their clients on the options available to them regarding financing complex international disputes and spoke to a panel of experts.

Ruth Stackpool-Moore, Harbour’s Head of the Hong Kong Office, and Clyde & Co’s Simon McConnell and Sapna Jhangiani exchanged views on third-party funding in Singapore and Hong Kong and on the debate surrounding disclosure, conflicts and security of costs. Ruth also explained the Harbour differentiators compared to other funders and the importance of budgets really reflecting likely costs, and offers an insight into the decision making process.

The interview is listed from page 12 to 17 and can be accessed here.

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