Harbour Events

Every year Harbour invites a thought leader to share his/her views on the changes in the legal landscape and the challenges and opportunities this may bring. The Annual Harbour Lectures take place both in London and Hong Kong. In addition, members of the team are invited regularly to speak as guest speaker or as part of an expert panel at conferences and seminars.

3rd EFILA Annual Conference 2018

5 February 2018 – Harbour supports EFILA’s Annual Conference.

5th World Litigation Forum in Dubai

17-18 January 2018 – Mark King on evolving funding models.

Association of Corporate Counsel Hong Kong focuses on TPF

15 November 2017 – Ruth Stackpool-Moore

C5’s International insolvency and restructuring forum

14-15 November 2017 – Susan Dunn

Legal Era Conclave 2017

9-10 November 2017 – 6th Edition, Stephen O’Dowd

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