An Introduction to Arbitration and Litigation Funding for Irish lawyers

15 June 2023

Litigation funding has been prohibited in Ireland under the torts of “maintenance” and “champerty” which are centuries old. This has always been accepted but since Helen McEntee TD announced in September 2022 that third-party funding of international arbitration will be legalised in Ireland through an amendment to legislation currently before the Oireachtas, many law firms are taking notice of the benefits that third party funding can bring to arbitrations. Harbour has operated in arbitration cases globally and as the original litigation funder has experience of setting up in new jurisdictions.

In anticipation of any proposed change in the law, Harbour hosted a webinar covering:

Covering all of the basics of funding, we will cover:

• What do litigation funders actually do?
• How much does it cost?
• Why will it benefit my firm and my clients?
• How does the process work?
• How long does it take?
• What makes an investible case?

We will also cover how Harbour has been partnering with law firms to realise their growth potential through credit facilities and and loans. Firms have partnered with funders to offset the risk of “no win no fee” agreements, recruiting new talent, succession planning, opening new offices, and more.

Designed for those new to the concept of third-party funding for arbitration, or those who know a little but are curious to find out more, this free online training session will answer these questions and any more the audience would like to ask.

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