About Us

Harbour was formed in 2007 and operates globally. The team has been funding claims since 2002. You will work with some of the most experienced people in the business.

Harbour is a founding member of the Association of Litigation Funders (ALF) and was a driving force on the Working Party responsible for drafting and implementing its Code of Conduct.

Facts and figures

  • A substantial amount of capital is immediately available.
  • Our funds total £760 million.
  • We offer truly global geographical coverage, having funded 80+ cases in 13 jurisdictions and under 4 sets of arbitral rules.
  • Investments made by the Harbour Funds represent an aggregate claim value in excess of £5.4 billion.
  • Harbour has scale and experience with a large team of highly skilled professionals.
  • A further 9 directors and investment committee members create an unrivalled pool of additional knowledge.