Extracting value from litigation

27 May 2019

It is common for oil and gas company boards to waver over litigating because of concerns over costs, the uncertainty of the outcome, and the time to conclusion. Sometimes the risks of litigating feel insurmountable.

Maybe a joint venture partner has failed to deliver on their commitments to you. You have tried to resolve this commercially but there seems no option but to litigate. You feel duty bound to fight for your shareholders rights, but are wary of kicking off the case given the risks and cost exposure of doing so?

Or what do you do, when you just want to focus on growing your business, but a sovereign state has reneged on its commitment to grant a production concession? Do you tie your capital up in a legal battle, when you would prefer to use those funds to invest in growing your business?

What about if one of your former directors has taken flight in numerous jurisdictions, hiding cash in shell companies and a raft of anonymous entities? Do you have the resources to try and track them down?

These are just some of the situations where oil and gas companies ask us for help.

Harbour can cover the complete legal costs and insurance associated with a case or a group of cases in exchange for a share of the proceeds.

If you are interested to hear more, then do get in touch.

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