Harbour collaborates with Eversheds Sutherland

30 September 2019

At Harbour we are committed to working in partnership, streamlining processes and providing a range of funding solutions to clients.

Our collaboration with Eversheds Sutherland demonstrates this commitment by offering clients access to funding in standalone claims and a portfolio of cases.

The relationship between our two firms will be led by Darrell Porter, Senior Director of Business Development at Harbour, and Eversheds Sutherland partners Michael Clavell-Bate and Glenn Newberry (head of costs and litigation funding).

Commenting to The Lawyer, Darrell Porter said, “Clients are increasingly seeing the benefits of litigation funding, both in terms of improved cash flow and as a financial risk management strategy to remove their exposure to adverse costs. Funding is often mistakenly perceived as a difficult and time-consuming process – this collaboration represents Eversheds Sutherland’s and Harbour’s desire to streamline the process of funding clients’ claims and marks another positive step forward in our relationship.”

Glen Newberry added, “Our relationship with Harbour builds on our existing experience and enables us to offer clients novel solutions with an experienced and trusted funder. Our litigation practice is building a best-in-class reputation for finding managed-risk and risk-free funding options, and we’re pleased to have Harbour at our side as we offer this innovative new model which should see a greater number of clients pursuing claims which historically would be deemed too risky or expensive to pursue.”

The full article in The Lawyer can be found here.

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