Harbour View Winter 2016, evolution or revolution?

9 January 2017

Given the pace of change in Asia, we dedicate this Harbour View to third party funding developments in the region… with a twist. We tapped into the Harbour Hong Kong team’s vast network to bring you candid views from our contacts first hand, providing incredible practical insight from leading institutions, first-class law firms and top multinationals.

It seems that General Counsel (GC) have considered the advantages of third party funding in great detail and are keen to embrace it. This supports another development we have seen in 2016: the increased number of cases we are funding for large corporates and banks and how many of those enquiries come from GC directly, rather than via their representatives.

The questions asked when discussing litigation funding in Asia are the same as in the rest of the world and Harbour takes the ‘hot seat’ to answer these questions.

We complete this edition with an article on how practitioners can limit some of the uncertainty Brexit creates.

If you would like to discuss any of its content, please contact one of the Harbour team.

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